Joshua A Ginsburg
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My name is Joshua Adam Ginsburg, and I like games.  I enjoy playing them and I enjoy making them.  I enjoy reading about them, talking about them, hearing about them, and thinking about them.  I enjoy games so much that I went to college to learn how to professionally make them. 
I am a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Interactive Media and Game Design program on the artistic track. This is a four year degree designed to teach the skills required to become a game artist.  I have learned how to model, texture, animate, and render.  I am experienced in using programs such as Maya, Photoshop, and Zbrush.  

I truly enjoy all aspects of game art, but I am focused more on the 3d aspects.  I have been working on both environment and prop modeling as well as character design as of late, and am constantly updating this website with new work!
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